The Beatles’ closing words.


Has anyone even won a giveaway on tumblr tbh

♥ A day in the life of Nick Fury ♥


[breaks into your house] [vaults up the stairs] [rips your bedroom door off its hinges] [drops a stadium on you] [shoots you in the back] heard u were talkin shit about charles xavier

I had this headcanon: Harry is bitching about Peter’s clothes, because seriously hoodies and spandex? and Peter is like “Harry not everyone likes designer clothes and not everyone has the money to buy them”. So one day Peter  appears with a tuxedo (idon’tknowhow and idon’tknowwhy(?) and Harry is like “NO, NOPE”, Peter is so fucking sexy in a tuxedo but Harry likes his boyfriend in cheap clothes from walmart.


All those years wasted fighting each other, Charles.


never trust someone who says they don’t like captain america